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Magnetic concentration, as one kind of ore concentration methods, play an important part in varies kinds of mining separation plants.

Illustration of detailed magnetic concentration

Basing on the theory that the magnetism are quite different from each other among different mining, magnetic concentration is able to separate the expected metal minings from the others. Magnetic concentration is mainly used in iron ore concentration processing and some other ferrous metal minings. Usually the magnetic is divided to low intensity magnetic separation and high intensity magnetic, the low intensity magnetic is suitable for magnetite and ferro-magnetism mining, the high intensity magnetic is well used for hematite and weak-magnetic-substance.
After the primary crushing, grinding and separating processing, The mining powder mixture are fed to the ore magnetic separators. The magnetite particles overcame all mechanical force (such as the gravity, centrifugalforce, friction force, etc) and adhere to the magnetic separator roller because of the magnetic force. Then the magnetite particles will be transported to the discharge opening and separated as the magnetic products. The non-magnetic substance will be discharged from the frame bottom by the mechanical force. To upgrade the final products quality and make full use of the mining ore, the separated particles will be separated by other magnetic separator again for twice or three times.
Finally the purified particles will conveyed to the thickener and the dryer for thickening and drying processing.

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