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This flotation machine use “U” the die body, the canon gasify and are hanging the stator, particularly has used one kind of new style impeller. This is a one kind of leaf blade caster angle conical profile, is similar in high compared to the rotational speed centrifugal pump pulley, raises delivers the pulp quantity to be big, the discharge head is small, the power loss is low, and the structure is simple. It has also installed the porous circle tubular air distributor in the impeller cavity, enables the air to disperse evenly in advance in impeller blade's majority of regions, has provided the big pulp - air contiguous angle contact surface.

Flotation Machine

Flotation machine's structure installment: This machine mainly by receives the thick liquid trough, the pulsator, the gas-flushing device, to discharge the mineralization to soak the installment, the electric motor and so on to be composed.

  1. Receives the thick liquid trough: It has the thick liquid mouth, the strobe which as well as the adjustment pulp surface's valve system, it mainly by uses the steel plate to weld the trough body which and the steel plate and the round steel welds to be composed.
  2. pulsator: It uses in stirring the pulp, prevents the ore to precipitate in the trough body, it mainly by the belt pulley, the impeller, the vertical axis and so on is composed, the impeller is made by the abrasive rubber.

the gas-flushing device: It is composed of the drive pipe air feeder, when the impeller revolves, in the impeller cavity has the negative pressure, the air through the midheaven pump pipe inspiration, and disseminates in the pulp the bubble formation group, this kind has the massive air bubble pulp by impeller's angular force by very quick throwing to the stator, further causes in the pulp the air bubble refinement, so that provides the essential condition for the flotation process

When the flotation machine works, along with impeller's revolving, in the trough the pulp from all around passes through the tank bottom to attract from the impeller lower extremity to the impeller blade, at the same time, the low-pressure air which gives into by the air blower after the canon and impeller's air distributor, also enters in it, Pulp and air after leaf blade intensive mixing, promotes from the impeller upper half peripheral syncline, after stator stationary stream and direction detection enters in the entire tank, the air bubble rises to the froth stability region, the process concentrates the process, the froth flows automatically the overflow from the overflow weir, enters the froth trough. Also has part of pulp the class to go to the impeller lower part, Passes through the impeller agitation again, mixes forms the mineralization air bubble, the surplus pulp flows to next, until ends in the product.
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