Molybdenum Concentrate

Molybdenum Concentrate

We are proud to offer Molybdenum Concentrate with extreme purity and quality, which has no other alternative in the market. The superior quality Molybdenum Concentrate provided by us is widely used as refractory metallic element that for alloying steel, cast iron and super alloys to enhance hardenability, strength, toughness, along with wear and corrosion resistance. The superior Molybdenum Concentrate provided by us has been termed as the best available in the market because it complies with the international quality and purity standards. Apart from having numerous industrial applications the Roasted Molybdenum Concentrates provided by also is very important for mineral necessary for human body. Clients have been pleased by the easy availability of the superior quality Molybdenum at competitive prices.

Physical Properties

Dark gray-black metal
Available in powdered form

Industrial Applications

The Oil & Gas Industries


Molybdenum concentrate is less than 6%.
More than 60% of particles pass the sieve 200 mesh(ASTM)

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