Fly Ash Dryer

Fly ash dryer applies to dry fly ash, phosphorous gesso and titanium gypsum and other industry dust, its working principle as follows: powder or granular fly-ash by belt conveyor to feeder, again by feeder put fly ash conveying to dry roller inside, fly ash in dry roller flipped by distributive copy plate device , equably dispersed is turning with hot air full access to the purpose of heat transfer. After drying of fly ash in roller terminal is discharged by discharger, transported by the belt conveyor and the dried output drying process is completed.


Fly ash drying equipment, is designed for characteristics of fly ash moisture content more than other materials, small specific gravity, during the drying process the large liquidity change. It has the characteristic of compact structure, covers less area , reliable, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, material drying effect is good, easy to realize automation control, few operators.

1、With a low exhaust temperature, the dust removal equipment is used for a long time.

2、Adopting new combined-type raising device according to user requirements relaxed to regulate wanted end moisture indexes.

3、A high degree of automation, easy operation, stable operation.

4、A equipment for new energy-saving products, saving energy than similar products around 20%.

5、Fuel can adapt to coal, oil, gasoline, etc.

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