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Tooth Crusher is a new structure, a new concept of strong and efficient crusher, Crusher is mainly used for industry or the second paragraph of the crushing operation.
broken tooth crusher axis is the most important components, the electrical safety protection is the life of the tooth crusher and an important guarantee of economic benefit.
2 Introduction to the tooth crusher.
2.1 works.
tooth crusher working principle is based on the impact of shear and tensile impact of this new concept, but different from the traditional impact crushers crushing compression principle. Tooth Crusher feed from the top of the machine through two teeth with inward rotation of the axis of rotation, the cutting, pulling directly on the material, the material along the joints and cracks a huge part of the crushing force of the material broken, and force between the discharge from the shaft. The principle shown in Figure 1.
be broken by rotating the axis of the material without further grinding teeth, where the larger material is shearing, rather than breaking role, the smaller the material directly.
2.2 teeth crusher features.
compact structure, strong production capacity, the use of a wide range, product uniformity, simple operation, easy maintenance, double protection.
2.3 and various types of traditional crusher performance comparison.
and industrial applications on a large number of cycles crusher, jaw crusher and roll crusher compared to their common weaknesses are: high energy consumption, low production capacity, wear strong, body big and bulky, the particle size and difficult to control the shape, powder and high rate.
can see, tooth crusher crusher than the traditional, high-capacity 1 ∽ 5 times less area 50% ∽ 80%, and so on merit, will give the user enormous economic benefits.
2.4 Scope.
tooth crusher mining can be used for the production of a variety of industries. According to the statistics: the coal industry accounts for about 50%, metal mining accounted for about 12%, limestone about 14%, non-metallic minerals accounted for about 9%, stone industry accounted for about 4%, chemical raw materials accounted for 4%. Tooth crusher for crushing material hardness Platts factor of 15 the following wet or viscous mineral materials, such as coal, clay, iron ore, copper ore, zinc, nickel, talc, coke, kaolin, cement, ceramics and other materials. Imports of the same type of crusher material hardness coefficient 20 Platts. 2.5 Tooth Crusher produce stall reasons.
tooth crusher for crushing material hardness factor of 15 the following general wet or viscous mineral aggregate, when the broken material hardness factor of 15 or more general or non-crushing machine in the fall when the mineral aggregate, crusher will be stuck, broken machine will have a stall. Therefore tooth crusher need electrical safety devices.
3 electrical safety devices.
3.1 stall design principles of electrical protection devices.
tooth crusher at the two ends of the spindle of the Blind to install a speed sensor device, its purpose is to stop running when the broken shaft to the driver to provide signals to attract attention.
It works by breaking the speed sensor sensing rotation axis, and changes in the magnetic field pulses into electrical signals sent to the monitoring device. Once the broken shaft by accident
stall or stop running, monitoring devices to immediately send a signal to the motor control circuit, so that separation of the main contactor, the motor stops running, play a protective role of the spindle motor and broken. Same time to ensure smooth production process, can be set down time and run-time reverse the motor, the motor automatically reverse operation, discharge a hard object.
3.2 motor control and protection of electrical design.
core control devices of the device is the Siemens S7-200 series micro Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), this series of products due to compact design, good scalability, low prices and a strong command, so it can almost perfect to meet the requirements of small-scale automation.
we use the programmable controller model is CPU221, to meet both the control and protection of the two motors crusher gear requirements.
programming software for the STEP7-Micro/Win, 4.O version, you can use the ladder, the statement table, or function block programming.
speed sensor speed range of 0 to 200 r / min, on the broken axle in his blind-side monitoring, and the speed signal sent to the PLC, through the PLC internal comparison procedures to determine the crushing machine running, once broken machine will stall, broken shaft will stop, if stuck in the broken material from time to time, through the breakers to clear reversal, removal can be started again after the crusher.

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