Benco mining equipment in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is an important mining machine market for every mining equipment manufacturer. Also for Benco crusher machine. In the past few years, Benco mining equipment helped Tajikistan to be significant to world mineral markets as a gold producer. Especially in the antimony mining, Tajikistan possessing the largest deposits of antimony in the former Soviet Union, and having more than 400 explored mineral deposits, containing 70 types of minerals largely brought Benco crushing machines and grinding mills. Aluminum ore crusher, zinc ore crusher, lead ore crusher, chemicals, fertilizers, and cement mills were the top needing industries in the past few years, and aluminum ore crusher was the leading applying mining crusher.

In the mining of 2000 in Tajikistan, the gold mining crusher and mill production was 2,700 kg; gypsum crusher and mill production, 35,000 tons; and antimony ore crusher and mill production, 2,000 tons. Benco crusher machines and grinding mills in Tajikistan also participate in producing bismuth, lead, mercury, silver, cement, and fluorspar. No copper, molybdenum, tungsten, or zinc has been produced by Benco crushers in recent years. Gold mining crushers and grinding mills was widely used in southeast of Gharm, in the Pamir Mountains, in the Yakhsu Valley, in Chkalovsk, and in the Jilau, Taror, and Aprelevka deposits; mercury ore crushers and industrial mills was widely used at the Dzhizhikrutskoye deposit, north of Dushanbe; antimony, at Isfara and Dzhizhikrutskoye. At the same time, other mining crushers are well used in Tajikistan.

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