About Benco

Shanghai Benco heavy industry Co., Ltd. is an international and professional company, which engages in research & development, production and sale of the crushing machine(crushing plant,aggregate plant) such as jaw crusher,impact crusher,cone crusher,stone crusher,hammer crusher,vertical shaft impact crusher, powder making equipment such as raymond mill,roller mill,pulverizer,and ball mill. Our products have been distributed to all the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China as well as over 120 countries and regions in the world, such as Australia, Southeast Asia, Middle Asia, South Asia, South America, Middle East, east European, and Africa, etc.The company has 6 MBAs, 12 senior engineers and 20 engineers, while more than 60% of its staff has bachelor or master or doctor’s degree. They are the source of sustainable development.

The company is committed to utilizing its employee’s involvement to provide the highest quality products that are driven by customer satisfaction. We strive to provide an environment that allows for an open exchange of ideas, improves technology, recognizes change in the market place and responds rapidly to those changes. We strive to be market follower through excellence and product quality, customer service, innovation, and employee involvement.

When you need crusher series products and raymond mill series,roller mill and pulverizer and ball mill ,you can contact our business department.

The cornerstone to our success is quality, a commitment to innovation, and customer satisfaction. We will conduct ourselves ethically and in a professional manner, treating all people with dignity and respect in order to promote a team environment, which will allow us to recognize and respond to the ever-changing market place in the end.

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